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Notion 6

Usability of Presonus Notion 6

Notation software used for score writing includes various software such as Finale and Siberius, but recently I use Notion 6.

Although Notion 6 has limited functionality compared to Finale and Siberius, it is not inconvenient if you do not create a very complex score, and you can complete a wide variety of scores, from banding to orchestra. Also, ReWire can be used in conjunction with DAW, and can work seamlessly with Studio One, so people who are used to creating sound sources with DAW can be said to be a particularly useful notation software. I would like to easily summarize the impressions I’ve used so far.

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Released “Fantasy From The End Of The World”

FEW FullScore (Sample)


“Fantasy From The End Of The World”, the original work released by composer Yoshihiro Aoki (Godspeed) in 2003, was arranged into a wind orchestra.

● Full score (sample)

● Reference sound source

It’s the coolest, most stylish, dramatic song that combines the uniqueness of the world with the harmonic minor scale, fantastic silence, and the rage of fire. Surely, you will be able to meet a concert band work that no one has ever heard.

Here is the details.


At iTunes Store has started distributing “composit, x”!


“composit, x” has been distributed to iTunes Store, Amazon.mp3,, Oricon and other stores!

“Composit” is a coined word derived from “composite”. It is a title that can be captured in various meanings. The emphasis is on organic rhythm ensembles of multiple parts and sections, and it is a song that is particularly easy to hit percussion instruments outside the piano.

In addition, the high-resolution version is also distributed by e-onkyo music and mora.

I think that you can enjoy the air feeling and presence that each instrument has and the fineness of the ensemble by the high sound quality more than the normal distribution version. Please enjoy it.