“Fantasy From The End Of The World” for Wind Ensemble (2017)

F.E.W. FullScore (Sample)のサムネイルFantasy From The End Of The World
(for Wind Ensemble)

Masahiro Aoki
Teruyuki Shiraiwa (Arr.)




  • Released:  2017
  • Style: Wind Ensemble (for 41players)
  • Length: 5’48

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Originally composed by Godspeed (as known as Masahiro Aoki, Japanese guitarist, composer). arranged for playing with symphonic wind ensemble.

He expressed his enthusiasm for Final Fantasy and Dvořák works (especially Symphony No.9 “From New World”) on this tune and the world view of the music is based on these spirits. On trying to the arrangement, I was careful of not losing essence of the original composition and adding new elements which contribute to pick out the world view of the music.

The music is quietly beginning with a motive played with flute solo, that is like telling the preface of the eerie story. And the same motif go on to be played as oboe solo. Finishing the first motif, through some variations—-imaginable that evil witch in a dark forest, appearing the second motif played with brass section with a sudden breaking of tranquility. Keeping the tension, the first motif is ferociously appearing again and the score reaches the climax of the first half.

The latter part of the score, at the first, is beginning with massive horn’s tones like signal. Lead the signal tones, first motif appears again played with choir, sing “Aah”. On back of the choir, tubular-bells keeps ringing the same tone and piano plays bass tones, and continuously appearing the transposed first motif played with brass section (on the original composition with pipe-organ sound). That fearful and grievous sound is just like reminding us of “The End of the World”.

After the “The End”, a moment tranquility comes. That is like depicting silence in the world after covered by something huge, terrific existence. The second motif (ferociously played in the former part of the score) appears again with quiet flute solo. And broken the tranquility with a sudden impactive sound, the story is toward and rush into the collapse of the world again. The music comes to the end with depicting the huge, terrific existence which anyone cannot oppose and nothing to do against.

This score has various features. Especially what I would like to pick up is stylishness of the sound. On process of arrangement, I was careful that whole sound will have sharpness and clarity. These are essential to make up the world of the music—-Fearfulness, Cruelty, Grievousness, Mercilessness—-such kind of atmosphere the score contains, so if you actually try to play, be careful with sharpness and clarity. These can support to construct the world view of the score.

Last of all, I would like to tell again the original composer, Mr.Aoki deepest gratitude for allowing me to arrange his great composition.

(Teruyuki Shiraiwa)

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