“Techniques ahead, sensitivity ahead?”

This is about the debate of whether you should cultivate techniques or sensitivity more. If I am going straight to the point, it can be said that it is important to feed both. Here, what kind of points are the people who think about sensitivity and the people who think about techniques focus on each, and what kind of viewpoint is necessary for people in each position to balance? I am going to talk about it.

Those who think sensitivity more important

People who place importance on sensitivity focus on the fact that music and other arts are “means of expression.” Human beings can feel, taste, and experience the events and things they experience by having a heart, as they are said to be “emotional vessels”. Through such experiences, various feelings such as joy, anger, hate, and pleasure that flow out from inside and swirl out of my mind are put out of the mind. In other words, It is not until by expressing them that you can deliver your emotion inside your heart. People who place importance on sensitivity understand that sensibility is the source of expression just as a river does not flow without a fountain. Therefore, they think in the order of finding what they want to express in themselves, shaping it, and acquiring the necessary skills for it. This is common to all artistic expressions.

Those who think techniques important

People who place importance on technology focus on the fact that “the emotions of human beings are created by technology.” The English “art” for “art” is the translation corresponding to the Latin “ars” (ars), and “ars” is derived from the Greek “τεχ χ” (tecne). “τεχ” refers to “human production”, “technique” in English. Art and technology are fundamentally connected. No matter how richly sensitive you are, even if you are creative, you can not shake the mind of others without the technology to communicate it. Those who emphasize polishing the technology are paying attention to this point.

Necessary viewpoints for those who emphasize sensitivity

People who emphasize sensitivity tend to be left behind in techniques. No matter how richly we have the sensibility to capture the world, we can not convey it to people without the power or ability to express it. Speaking of playing an instrument, this means that you can not play the instrument as you imagined. There is a possibility that a gap will be created between the expression you want to make and the expression you can actually do, and you will be annoyed. Therefore, people who emphasize sensitivity are required to always learn the theory and to repeat practice so that they can practice as they should when and what to do in order to have the ideal sound resonate as ideal.

Necessary viewpoints for those who value techniques

For those who value technique, it is likely that the technique has already been recognized by others. However, if you stick to technical advancement, you may forget that technique is a means of expression. Unless the purpose is to show off the technique itself, the technique in expression is only a means. The difference between what we call “art” in the present day and what we simply call “technology” is roughly whether it has any subjective feelings that the person who expresses it wants to “convey”. No matter how unsurpassed technology, human beings will be overwhelmed but unimpressed if they can not feel the passion behind them. Therefore, people who value technology are required to always face what they want to convey through expression.

Technique and sensitivity are inseparable entities like the two wheels of a car. This can be said to be familiar to all in the world what is called expression. Both need to be balanced.

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